May 14, 2017
Cardedu, 14 maggio 2017. Marco Pajusco, atleta veronese classe 1983, vince, come da pronostici, il 6° Sardinia Trail, la gara di trail internazionale che si è conclusa oggi sulla spiaggia di Museddu nel comune di Cardedu.
MArco Pajusco (Museddu )Beach

Cardedu, May 14th, 2017. Marco Pajusco, Veronese athlete, class 1983, wins the 6th Sardinia Trail, the international trail race that ended today on the beach of Museddu in the town of Cardedu.
Today the third stage victory (Tertenia-Gairo-Cardedu of Km 26.8) went to the ogliastran athlete Francesco Depau with a time of 3h25m01s.
Pajusco has run the 97 km route divided into three stages in 10h08m24s, second in the general ranking the Tuscan Michelucci with a delay of 56m15s, followed by the Swiss Luca Schwank at 2h52m52s.
For the female category it’s Patrizia Besomi, the Swiss athlete who finished this edition with an unexpected fourth place in the overall standings with a time of 2h54m24s, who has won the title of queen of Sardinia Trail.
Great satisfaction also for Daniela Carpani who concludes this edition with a well-deserved 5th place and first among women in today's stage; the third overall place to the Belgian Govaerts Lieve at 1h50m59s.
Among the Sardinians stands the athlete Luigi Cambuli who earns the 6th place in the general.
The absolute first place of the Criterium Nazionale UISP 2017 was awarded to Marco Pajusco in the male category and Daniela Carpani for women.
The athletes started off this morning, as planned, at nine o'clock from Foxi beach (Tertenia), with the breath-taking scenery of Monteferru, the highest mountain on the sea, Punta Cartuceddu and Coccorocci. As pleasant travel companion at this stage the trailers had a wonderful day with almost summery temperatures, which certainly made them a little bit easier - albeit tiringly but at the same time with much commitment and determination - the long-awaited finish on the long and sandy beach of Museddu, Cardedu, letting themselves even dive on arrival in its crystal clear waters: a nice way to exorcize these 3 tiring races.
The event was organized by Good Looking Entertainment Sport in collaboration with the Autonomous Region of Sardinia, with the departments of Sport and Tourism, the involved municipalities of Arzana, Cardedu, Desulo, Gairo, Lanusei and Tertenia and with the support of the bakery Panificio Ferreli of Lanusei, the sausage and salami factory Salumificio Loi of Villagrande, Bosco Selene Pizzeria of Lanusei, Rosa dei Venti of Cardedu, Scott, and Club Saraceno hotel of Arbatax.


Marco Pajusco (ITA) "I'm pleased to have won the title of the Sardinia Trail. It’s been a wonderful experience to have run among the spectacular scenery of Ogliastra. Perfect organization. Congratulations".

Matteo Piras, Mayor of Cardedu. "We are pleased to have hosted the final arrival of this international event that has invlolved our territory with both the final arrival and award ceremony on the beach of Museddu. We look forward to consolidating this collaboration even in the next edition."

Overall after third Stage (FINAL)
1) 01 Marco Pajusco (ITA) in 10h08m24s
2) 19 Alessandro Michelucci (ITA) at 56m15s
3) 09 Luca Schwank (CH) at 2h52m52s
4) 08 Patrizia Besomi (CH) at 2h54m24s (first woman)
5) 10 Daniela Carpani (ITA) at 2h59m54s (second woman)
6) 23 Luigi Cambuli (ITA) at 3h01m13s
7) 21 Michael Setzu (CH) at 3h24m32s
8) 22 Roberto Casavecchia (CH) at 3h45m51s
9) 05 Ian Wallace (UK) at 4h34m29s
10)17 Govaerts Lieve (BE) at 4h45m23s (third woman)

Overall - after the third stage (MEN)
1) 01 Marco Pajusco (ITA) in 10h08m24s
2) 19 Alessandro Michelucci (ITA) at 56m15s
3) 09 Luca Schwank (CH) at 2h52m52s
4) 23 Luigi Cambuli (ITA) at 3h01m13s
5) 21 Michael Setzu (CH) at 3h24m32s
6) 22 Roberto Casavecchia (CH) at 3h45m51s
7) 05 Ian Wallace (UK) at 4h34m29s
8) 16 Wout Moreel (BE) at 4h45m24s
9) 15 Bralla Samuel (CH) at 5h04m25s
10) 20 Orsi Lorenzo (CH) at 5h34m53s

Overall after the third stage (WOMEN)
1) 08 Patrizia Besomi (CH) in 13h02m48s
2) 10 Daniela Carpani (ITA) at 5m30s
3) 17 Govaerts Lieve (BE) at 1h50m59s
4) 06 Wallace Joanne (UK) at 2h28m38s
5) 03 Vantomne Sophie (BE) at 3h41m38s

Results third Stage (MEN)
1) 28 Francesco Depau (ITA) in 3h25m01s
2) 19 Alessandro Michelucci (ITA) at 1m59s
3) 27 Luca Salvatore Mesina at 17m37s
4) 01 Marco Pajusco (ITA) at 23m59s
5) 25 Giuseppe Demuru (ITA) at 35m29s

Results third Stage (WOMEN)
1) 10 Daniela Carpani (ITA) in 4h31m43s
2) 08 Patrizia Besomi (CH) at 24m23s
3) 17 Govaerts Lieve (BE) at 1h01m33s
4) 06 Joanne Wallace (UK) at 1h05m52s

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