Gennargentu Trail

Event date: from 27 July 2019 to 28 July 2019

Category: Trail


DISTANCE: ⤵️: 🏃‍♀️K 15 / +750 🏃‍♀️K 25 / +1300 non-competitive walk K 10 / +550 mail: Organizzazione: #goodlookingentertainment

Hotels and Restaurants in agreement with the event


Hotel Sa Muvara Country, T. 0784-629336, Aritzo (NU)

€ 130 in double room single use - Standard in half board with typical dinner

€ 100 per person in Standard double room in half board with typical dinner

€ 130 per person in Junior room in  half board with typical dinner

€ 150 per person in Suite in half board with typical dinner

Typical Sunday lunch € 35

Hotel La Capannina Snc, T. 0874-629121, aritzo (NU

Half board in double/twin room € 55 per person

Half board in single room € 70 (includes: room, breakfast and dinner)

Full board in double € 75 per person (includes: room, breakfast, lunch and dinner)

Full board in single € 90

Affittacamere S'apposentu, T. 347-9947496,  double room with bathroom € 50 without breakfast.

Chalet Su Foxile, T. 0784-629251- 338-1405558 locality.Gidilau,, from 35 euro per person

Tourist rental apartments, T. 333-4159107, avenue Kennedy 8/10, via Antonio maxia,5,, from 25 euros per person

B&B La Baita di Aritzo,  T. 327-1277738. Private room with bathroom and breakfast included € 50. (two people)

Restaurant Pizzeria Da Daddo, T. 388-92.89.649, viale Kennedy, 14 - Aritzo

Menu from  € 20,00 :

A first choice: malloreddus, mushroom noodles, homemade spaghetti, potatos ravioli.

A second choice: pork chop, stewed goat, veal stew with potatoes, veal slice.

Side dish: roast  potatoes or salad

Water - half red wine

Menu (child) from  € 12,00:

Pasta with tomato sauce

Breaded or grilled slice

Fried or roast potatoes

Water – soft drink

S'Iscriscione Restaurant Pizzeria, T. 333 287 9824, Aritzo

Menu 1: first choice among porcini trophies, ravioli with walnut sauce. Second choice between: roast pork, scallops with chestnuts, side dish Water wine and coffee... € 15.00

Menu 2: mixed appetizer of mountain. 1 first choice between trophies with porcini mushrooms, ravioli with walnut sauce, Risotto with cannonau and radicchio. Second choice between: roast pig, escalopes with chestnuts, braised with porcini mushrooms...,

side dish Water wine and coffee... € 25,00

Children under 6 years free....

Extra drinks are not included and have to be paid separately